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Matt Blevins Dance has the best dance instructors for all styles of dance. Our instructors have been performing on stages across the country for over 20 years!
The Talent

Matt Blevins

Indianapolis, born and raised, Matt has studied dance for over 19 years. His love for dance began when he was 16 years old, while goofing around with his friends. Soon Matt was teaching hip hop classes all over the city, creating competition pieces and earning a name for himself in the dance industry. When he was 24 he took a leap of faith, jumped in his car and headed toward to LA in hope of building his repertoire and coming back a stronger, more well rounded dancer and instructor. Over the next four years, Matt lived in LA training with Millenium Dance Complex, IDA Hollywood and Debbie Reynolds Dance Studio, studying under some of the best instructors around. Matt’s repertoire ranges from San francisco's Anime Con to performing and choreographing for Carnival in Hollywood. He has had the honor to choreograph hip hop routines for numerous high schools, college teams and private performances. In 2016 Matt returned to Indianapolis, from LA with enough knowledge, skill and education to open his own dance studio, Matt Blevins Dance. Through hard work, dedication, passion and perseverance Matt is committed to helping change the lives of others through dance.
The Brains

Tracy Cooper

Tracy was born and raised in Greenwood, Indiana. Tracy majored in Elementary Education at IUPUI before becoming a mom to her three kids; Kayleigh (18), Taytem (15), and Carson (11). She was a stay at home mom for 14 years, while running an in-home Daycare, before joining forces with Matt in June of 2017 when they both took a leap of faith and decided to open the brick and mortar Matt Blevins Dance Studio. Tracy is best known at the studio for her role of being “The Brains”. While she does not instruct dance classes, she certainly has her hands full running the front of the studio, and doing all of the behind the scene tasks that go unnoticed. In addition to being “The Brains”, and the smiling face at the front desk, you can find Tracy popping in and out of classrooms making sure they are run smoothly and properly. Tracy’s commitment to our youth and MBD is something that isn’t taken for granted. MBD is fortunate to have her commitment and passion leading our studio.

Dance Instructor

Kayla Burton

Miss Kayla has been teaching at Matt Blevins since February 2018. You can find her teaching almost any genre to some of the youngest dancers at the studio to the most advanced. Kayla was born with the passion for dance and her mother put her in classes at 2 years old, located here on the south side of Indianapolis. Kayla then danced and trained in gymnastics for many years. Assisting with classes starting in 6th grade, traveling across the east coast, conventions, stand out soloist awards and performing in Disney twice. One of her favorite memories is winning a trophy that was taller than her! After graduating from Perry Meridian in 2012, Kayla immediately began teaching at a studio located on the west side of Indianapolis for 6 years before finding her way to Matt Blevins. Miss Kayla’s ultimate goal is to help her students to love dance and to learn that with hard-work comes great rewards.